Migration Project? Storage as a Service!

Distributed data retention is technically difficult and can be costly. That’s why companies should ask two questions up-front: which technology is used for centralised data retention and the relocation of HomeShares onto a platform and what does that mean for the budget?


2000 users with 250 GB each are equivalent to a capacity of approximately 500 TB. Such an investment (usually CAPEX) can easily add up to a total cost of ownership of 500 thousand to a million euro in your IT budget planning over a 36-month period.

Do you really require such a large platform? How high would the actual utilization rate be? Why invest and commit budgets unnecessarily?

Flexible, customised solutions for storage capacities – calculated on the basis of actual use..

Our solution on the basis of the ZADARA platform enables companies to have their storage capacities invoiced according to what they actually use. You don’t have to do without performance or network speed, as is often to be observed in purely cloudbased solutions.

Another plus point is ongoing life cycle management thanks to service level agreements.

This gives companies ongoing benefits from new and tested
This gives companies ongoing benefits from new and tested
innovations – without having to start a separate process.
Our “storage as a service”
  • significantly reduces overall costs in comparison with purchase
  • offers ongoing life-cycle management
  • is like a cloud solution with additional benefits

Migrationsprojekt? Storage as a Service!

Plattformen sind oft überdimensioniert. Als Folge wird viel Kapital gebunden und Budget verbrannt  - unnötigerweise. Wie es auch anders geht, etwa bei einem Migrationsprojekt, und um wieviel % wir für Kunden die Kosten pro GB reduzieren konnten, das lesen Sie im neuen consalco. IT-Update.

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Hybrid-IT für Big Data & Analytics

Um mit Big Data & Analytics schnell, sicher und kosteneffizient wertschöpfende Informationen zu generieren, brauchen Unternehmen eine flexible IT-Architektur. Warum unser Automotiv-Kunde auch bei seiner IT mit Hybrid sehr gut fährt, lesen Sie im consalco. IT-Update.

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