Hybrid-IT for Big Data & Analytics

Big Data and Analytics are indispensable catalysts in developing new business models and solutions, for example in the automotive industry. In this sector, measurement vehicles generate data volumes of 200 TB+ per vehicle per week. These huge quantities of data are loaded onto a storage platform where they are calculated and analysed using a large number of CPUs. Such a platform may therefore need several petabyte of data at short notice

Hybrid platform for demanding processes including on- premises hosting and use-dependent pay-as-you-go models

Complex processes with high demands – this requires a flexible IT architecture. A German vehicle manufacturer has therefore chosen our solution of a hybrid ZADARA platform. The following plus points were decisive in choosing this hybrid technology:
  • Highly scalable storage platform for file, block and object storage
  • The platform is hosted on-premises for data protection reasons but is nevertheless invoiced ́ on the basis of a use-dependent pay-as-you-go model
  • Simple connection to one of the three large public cloud providers

Accelerated analysis process through container services

An additional benefit of our ZADARA solution: The enormous quantities of data can be processed into small data packages at the moment of storing them on the platform with the aid of container services and a function inherent in the system.
There are more advantages:
  • The burden on the network is relieved
  • Inline process significantly reduces the duration of data processing
  • Accelerated analysis process

With consalco.’s hybrid IT solution, Big Data & Analytics processes are quick, safe and cost-effective. That is the best way to run your company even if you do not manufacture cars.

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Hybrid-IT for Big Data & Analytics

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