Just use what you need right now.
Only pay for what you need at any particular time.

Everything your company needs for optimized IT is provided and operated by us. We only charge for what is consumed. That’s how easy we make it for you with our consalco. service packages – whether you opt for a classic IT infrastructure or cloud solutions.
And where’s the catch? There isn’t one.

Managed Private Cloud

A very strong trio with cloud power, control and security, dedicated hardware and consalco.’s expertise. We manage your private cloud, take care of the infrastructure and administration and protect you against a possible cloudburst. By Jove, what a fascinating cloud solution!


For each of your tasks, consalco. recommends the right architecture, the appropriate manufacturer, a suitable structure and the best configuration. Our unbeatable cost-benefit ratio is always included in the price.

More about consalco.’s offers for Rackservers, Bladeserver Systems, Converged Systems and Hyper-Converged Systems.


Storage as a Service

Conventional IT architectures in computer centres are becoming obsolete. At the heart of this development are software-defined concepts. consalco. Storage Solutions range from conventional NAS and SAN Solutions and Software-defined Storage (SDS) Solutions to Storage as a Service. Of course, both in the cloud and on-site at your company.

Let’s move on to the most popular consalco. SDS Solutions: VMware, vSphere, vSAN and Zadara.


Zadara storage systems combine the best of the enterprise class. Block, file and object data storage with an agile Storage as a Service (Staas) business model. Unbeatable advantage: with this one solution, your IT infrastructure covers all storage types and qualities. In addition, you benefit from consistently optimized 100% storage utilization. How does it work? You only pay for what you use.

We at consalco. offer Zadara as a Public cloud installation, on-site installation or hybrid configuration.


Pay per Use

How about our consalco. Pay per Use offer for procurements for your computer centre, for example? Yes, of course, with on-site IT infrastructure at your company. You approve? Then that’s what we’ll do. Save costs, increase liquidity – here’s how.

Platform as a Service

With IT as a Service (ITaaS), we supply you with the infrastructure for all virtualizable operating systems. For Windows and Linux, we also provide the service of installing and operating the platform.

consalco. offers VMware, Windows 2016 Server and RedHat Linux.

Optimized IT infrastructure is what our clients need and what we promise to deliver, regardless of specific products and the technology used.

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