Architecture, manufacturer, structure and configuration: for each of your tasks, our qualified and manufacturer-certified staff provide the right computing solution and ensure its quick implementation. As a consalco. client, you also always profit from the best cost-benefit ratio.

We offer Compute as a public cloud installation, on-site installation or hybrid configuration.


Not ordinary, but extraordinary: consalco.’s Compute solution:

1. Composable Infrastructure

consalco. Compute is available as a scalable infrastructure or as a T-shirt-sized ESX machine.

2. Pay per Use

Even if the system is on site at your company, it can be scaled – i.e. reduced or extended - at any time. You pay only for the machines you actually use – invoiced precisely to the hour..

3. Under your control

The cloud is always under your control – whether you administer the machines yourself or choose to leave their management entirely to us. What would you prefer?

4. Integration into your processes

By means of process interfaces in conformity with ITIL, we integrate ourselves into your IT management system, thereby guaranteeing top availability and IT that meets your requirements.

What can consalco. simply do for your IT?

We would like to discover more about you so that you can discover what we can do for you.