With Zadara, your IT infrastructure covers all types and qualities of storage, benefitting from a continually optimized 100% utilization rate. consalco. is your first Zadara contact and exclusive sales partner for Germany.

Storage as a Service by Zadara always pays off:

1. Full enterprise-class feature set

Snapshot /Clones, Mirroring, Online Volume Migration; Zadara is highly flexible and can be adapted to any needs.

2. Pay per Use

Even if the system is on site at your company, it can be scaled – i.e. reduced or extended - at any time. You pay only for the storage you actually use – invoiced precisely to the hour.

3. Under your control

The cloud is always under your control – whether you administer storage yourself or choose to leave its management entirely to us. It’s your choice.

4. Pay per Use, II

  • No more fixed hardware expenditures
  • Minimizes IT infrastructure deployment times
  • Reduces travel expenses
  • We also offer this service without a minimum contract term
  • Includes maintenance and offers the option of 24/7 support
  • By the way: we will be glad to take over your old hardware

What can consalco. simply do for your IT?

We would like to discover more about you so that you can discover what we can do for you.