This is what we at consalco. do best:
your IT infrastructure.

Just carry on doing what your company does best. That is what we at consalco. do too – we plan, install, operate and optimize your IT infrastructure.

Data Centres

More and more components, additional applications all the time, but shorter times to deliver: a Data Centre operator needs even more efficient IT infrastructures. That is possible by means of consistent automatization and orchestration. This requires the efficient standardization of every component.

To achieve this, we at consalco. offer a choice of three solutions by leading manufacturers: Reference Architectures, Converged Systems and Hyper-Converged Systems.


Server Solutions

X86 sets the computing standard. Virtualization reduces dependence on any one single system. But our advice is not to rely on a randomly chosen product. For each of your tasks, consalco. recommends the right architecture, the appropriate manufacturer, the suitable structure and the best configuration – and our unbeatable cost-benefit ratio is always included.

More on consalco.’s offers for Rackserver, Bladeserver Systems, Converged Systems, Hyper-Converged Systems.


(Hyper)Converged Infrastructure

consalco. supports you in selecting the right solution, and with the design and implementation of your Converged Systems. Thanks to our established partnerships with leading suppliers, we ensure the performance, stability, future security and economic operability of your company’s IT infrastructure.

Then it will be better than good: (Hyper-)Converged Infrastructure from consalco.



Conventional IT architectures in computer centres are becoming obsolete. At the heart of this development are software-defined concepts. consalco. Storage solutions range from conventional NAS and SAN solutions and Software-defined Storage (SDS) solutions to Storage as a Service – both in the cloud and on-site at your company.

Let’s move on to the most popular consalco. SDS solutions: VMware vSphere vSAN, Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) and DELLEMC Scale IO.


Your corporate network must be fast, stable and secure. On the basis of existing infrastructures, consalco. network specialists analyse, plan, recommend and install a network solution tailored to your company. The reliable operation of the network environment is guaranteed by our experienced Service and Support Centre.

Your company’s cooperation with consalco. is fast, stable and secure.

An optimized IT infrastructure is what our clients need and what we promise to deliver – regardless of the specific products and no matter which technology is used.

What can consalco. simply do for your IT infrastructure?

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