Data Centres

The coordinated standardization of all components is the basis of automatization and orchestration. That is the only way to realize ever more efficient IT infrastructures for high-performance Data Centres.

Together with leading manufacturers, we offer three attractive solutions:

1. Reference Architectures 

Tested constellations and reduced implementation phases guarantee that all the components operate seamlessly.

2. Converged Systems

Non-proprietary standardized service and tested upgrade kits for the whole stack.

3. Hyper-Converged Systems 

Appliances put the complete stack into one item of equipment – including a network, storage, compute and visualization.

You already have electricity, cooling and access security?

Then we take charge of everything else, creating the optimal infrastructure for the efficient operation of your applications.

We offer priceless extras free of charge: our flexibility, for example, financing opportunities and our pragmatic can-do mentality!

What can consalco. simply do for your IT infrastructure?

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